Raycap: Strikesorb Surge Protection

  • Used by leading cellular providers
  • Absorbs lightning strikes without failing
  • Maintenance free design
  • Full 10 year warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Low and medium voltage protection available


Product Overview


Raycap are a world leader in the design and manufacture of surge protection devices (SPD). Raycaps SPDs are a fuseless, maintenance free solution designed to protect vital equipment from power surge transients such as lightning.

Strikesorb’s unique surge protection qualities meet global safety standards. The innovative technology has been engineered and tested for use in AC and DC power applications. Strikesorb modules are compliant to IEC 61643-11 and the UL 1449 4th Edition safety standards. Whereever deployed, Strikesorb significantly improve the availability of the equipment it protects.


  • High surge current capability
  • Low let-through voltage
  • Optimum protection level
  • High short-circuit current rating
  • In-line connection
  • Won’t burn or smoke
  • Distribution Grade MOV
  • Always protects the device even at end of life situations
  • IEC Compliant
  • Patented maintenance free design absorbs and dissipates the excess energy of successive surges
  • Available in open and enclosed configurations
  • Single, heavy duty distribution grade MOV absorbs repeated transients without voltage clamping degradation
  • Safe design will never vent like traditional SPDs
  • Rated for safe operation without the use of fuses or thermal protection for worry-free enclosure installations 

More Info

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Raycaps Strikesorb modules incorporate a single, heavy duty, distribution grade Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) disk, assembled under pressure in an environmentally sealed aluminum casing. This unique design provides very low internal contact resistance, excellent thermal management of the MOV and uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the protection element, thus resulting in an extremely high energy handling capability combined with very low let through voltages. Strikesorb’s patented design minimizes the effects of ageing and completely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure, explosion of fire, which are common in conventional surge protection devices.

The Strikesorb design incorporates state of the art MOV technology developments providing superior protection characteristics, which remain unchanged throughout its long service life. The module has been designed to withstand repeated surges providing a cost-effective and maintenance free operation in harsh environments. Strikesorb is rated for safe operation without the use of internal fuses. This unique feature combined with its capability to be directly connected to the power lines or bus bars (in-line connection), makes it the most reliable surge protection device known and insures that critical electronic equipment will remain protected at all times.

Strikesorb 30

Strikesorb 30 A 334x337Versatile Strikesorb 30 modules protect mission-critical applications and are capable of absorbing and dissipating the energy of multiple electrical surges without degradation to the module.

Option for XP Drive 1-10 HP & DURA-Drive 1 - 20 HP.




Strikesorb 40

Strikesorb 40 D 334x329Even in the most lightning prone environments, Strikesorb 40 surge suppressor modules are capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without failure or degradation of the module.

Option for HazLo Drive 20 - 100 HP (Rayvoss S) & DURA-Drive 20 - 75 HP.




Strikesorb 80

Strikesorb 80 D 334x289Strikesorb 80 industrial surge suppression offers unparalleled lightning protection, protecting mission-critical applications from damage caused by lightning surges and other overvoltage events.

Option for DURA-Drive 75+ HP



 Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance Free
    • No thermal disconnects or internal fuses which are most often the cause of failures and unnecessary maintenance. The advantages are lower clamping voltages, elimination of voltage surge when a fuse blows, low maintenance and no replacement parts
  • High Surge Current Capability
    • Provides protection against lightning strikes ranging from 60kA to 200kA (8/20 µs) and 5 kA to 25 kA (10/350 µs)
  • Low Let-Through Voltage and Optimum Protection Level
    • Strikesorb SPDs have low let-through voltage and optimum protection levels which keep sensitive equipment safe
  • High Short-Circuit Current Rating
    • Enabling flexible integration and installation
  • In-Line Connection
    • Strikesorb can be installed “in-line,” eliminating the cable length and resulting in the lowest clamping voltage possible
  • Won’t Burn or Smoke
    • Strikesorb’s design eliminates the use of any materials which could burn or smoke. The aluminum casing and internal components incorporated into the design manage the heat generated within the device when a surge occurs
  • Distribution Grade MOV
    • Strikesorb technology traces its origins to the electrical transmission and distribution industry. It incorporates a large diameter, distribution grade MOV that can handle much larger surges without effecting performance
  • UL Listed
    • Strikesorb modules are fully UL recognized as Type 2 component assembly according to the UL 1449 3rd Edition Safety Standard
  • IEC Compliant
    • Strikesorb modules have been certified by VDE as Class I and Class II SPD products according to IEC 61643-11; Strikesorb 35 has been certified to the IEC standard for DC power in photovoltaic applications
  • Tested Performance
    • Performance specifications are actual test results conducted at internationally – recognized independent laboratories
  • Strikesorb Module Warranty
    • Strikesorb modules carry a 10 year warranty


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